A well-balanced German Shepherd has a title on both ends!



 Born:  January 17, 2002 
Breeders:  Chris Kimerer, Nicky & Lew Bunch
Sire:  Am/Can Sel CH Pinebuck's Kidd Carson ROM OFAh&e
Dam:  AOE Sel CH Carousel Farms Samantha PT TC OFAh&e (2/3 HSAs)

I had the pleasure of herding with a beautiful bitch by the name of AOE Sel CH Ken-Delaine's Carousel PT TC OFAh&e.  Even though she was an older dog the first time she ever saw sheep, Cari was a wonderful herder.  I then herded with her son, CH Carousel Farms Cosby v Elkhill and her daughter AOE Sel CH Carousel Farms Samantha PT TC, as well as several other Carousel Farms dogs.  They were easy to work and had tremendous drive and natural herding ability.  When Chris, Nicky & Lew offered me a puppy out of Sammi (by Carson), I took advantage of this incredible opportunity to own another beautiful German Shepherd that could do everything.

When the litter was 8 weeks old, I flew from Germany to Kansas City to pick up my little girl.  Cassie has been everything I'd hoped for.  As of July 2011, Cassie has earned 39 AKC titles plus the prestigious Performance Award of Merit.  She has set many records in the breed and has earned at least one title every year of her life, including SIX titles the year she turned 2 years old.   
Cassie earned her TD (tracking) title just under the age of 9 months old at the GSDCA national specialty, her first agility titles at just over 2 years old, and her PT (herding) at just over 2 years old.  She finished her breed championship with 3 majors (owner-handled for 5 of the points) before she turned 3 years old.  At just over 3 years old, she became the youngest Performance Award of Merit breed Champion when she finished her Excellent Agility title.  
Cassie took maternity leave in the summer of 2005 and presented us with an incredible litter sired by the famous "Dallas".  Cassie resumed her agility career in the Spring of 2006 and quickly finished her AXJ.  When Cassie finished her MXJ in December, 2006, she became the first GSD breed champion to have an MXJ.  Three weeks later, she became the third GSD breed champion to earn an MX.    
 In December 2011, just before she turned 10 years old, Cassie became the first GSD breed champion to earn a MACH.  Cassie is now having a wonderful time running in the Preferred agility classes. 
Cassie had a great  2007 National.  She was Reserve High in Trial in herding (earning two Herding Started legs), was High Scoring Champion in agility, and also earned a CD leg and a Rally Advanced leg.  Cassie also showed in Specials (conformation), making her the ONLY dog to compete in five different venues at the national.  Cassie also had a wonderful 2008 National, qualifying in 4 of 5 agility runs, with 4 first places, and finishing both her MXP and MJP.  Her son, Yankee, also earned his Performance Award of Merit at the 2008 National when he finished his TD.  Cassie's other son, Sherman, was honored as the GSDCA Hero Dog of the Year also at the 2008 national. 
Cassie jumps enthusiastically into life and is a blast to train.  We are lucky to have her and I am so grateful to Chris, Nicky, & Lew, for the wonderful "gift" of Cassie.  
The future is bright and we're looking for more games to play!

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